Sleep&Sound Wireless sleeping mask with headphones

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Earphones & Headphones Sleep&Sound Wireless sleeping mask with headphones
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Sleep&Sound Wireless sleeping mask with headphones

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Product Details

The Sleep&Sound mask envelops you in complete darkness with its soft memory foam while its Bluetooth speakers lull you to sleep with your favorite sleep soundtrack. It’s ideal for listening to binaural beats, guided meditation, and soothing ambient sounds.

On a single charge, it can play up to 6 hours of wireless music and blocks light for better sleeping. So you get the joy of a sleep mask and Bluetooth earphones from one single device which encourages better relaxation above anything else.

The mask is compatible with all Bluetooth devices ( iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Bluetooth-enabled computers, laptops, MP3 players and more) across all platforms (Android or iOS) and makes it super easy for every workaholic to destress themselves with some music in between work hours. To give your eyes the comfort it desires, the mask has been made out of ultra soft memory foam and microfiber. Enjoy maximum relaxation from a small and compact sleep mask.

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