Practical Watering Plant Spikes (4 pcs)

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Practical Watering Plant Spikes (4 pcs)

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Product Details

This is a revolutionary gardening tool that keeps plants hydrated for days! You can just leave a bottle of water intact and the Practical Watering Plant Spikes gradually but finely excretes water. It keeps plants greener every day without overdamping the soil. It’s the best plant care you can get in the market today!

The Practical Watering Plant Spikes were made to allow plant lovers more time to do other things than watering plants all day. It needs lesser time to refill and can last for days at a time. It provides a convenient alternative for green thumbs to exert minimal effort to keep their greens fresh and healthy. 

  • User-Friendly. Simply stab it into the soil. It does not take too much space and works with simply connecting a bottle of water upside down. It also works on containers that have bottle-like openings
  • Stylish yet Durable. Its colorful design allows it to blend with flora and fauna without looking distracting. It’s also built to last without withering or wear and tear present
  • Create your own watering system - By poking holes to the body of the spike, you'd be able to control how fast or how slow the water goes through the soil. The more holes you create, the faster the water will drain. It's perfect for keeping plants watered while you're away. You can also mix water and plant food in a bottle to deliver the ultimate healthy fluid

Package includes:

4 x watering plant spikes (random color)

Size: 13.5 cm x 2.7 cm