Magical Watercolor Brush (6 PCS)

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Magical Watercolor Brush (6 PCS)

Magical Watercolor Brush (6 PCS)

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Product Details

Magical Watercolor Brush (6 PCS) is the smart alternative to the traditional paint brush and paint water. Instead of having to swirl your brush in paint water, it gets wet with a squeeze.

This prevents muddying colors and constant refilling. No more dipping into dirty paint water! Now you can keep painting or writing on and on. This is a must-have for every artist and lettering lover.

  • Easy to operate. Squeeze the barrel as hard or as gently as you want to control the water flow. Press harder for lighter colors, and gentler for more vibrant hues. You can also add ink into the barrel for uninterrupted writing or painting
  • A breeze to clean. Simply rinse your Refillable Paint Brush with clean running water after use. Once rinsed, let air dry and store.
  • Premium range and quality. Your Refillable Paint Brush set includes 6 different brush tip sizes. Perfect for any project under the sun! Paint scenery or create calligraphy with 3 fine brushes and 3 flat brushes, each in bold, medium, and fine point. Brush tips are crafted out of durable nylon, protected by included caps when not in use.


Flat tip brush pens
13 * 179 mm (brush tip: 4 mm)
Medium: 13 * 179 mm (brush tip: 7 mm)
Large: 13 mm * 179 mm, brush tip: 10 mm

Point tip brush pens
Small: 13 * 179 mm, (brush tip: 3 mm)
Medium: 13 * 179 mm (brush tip: 4 mm)
Large: 13 * 179 mm (brush tip: 5mm)