Delux - Ergonomic Wire Vertical Mouse

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Mice Color wired Delux - Ergonomic Wire Vertical Mouse

Delux - Ergonomic Wire Vertical Mouse

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Product Details

Never experience stiff wrists ever again.

Prevent and relieve carpal tunnel syndrome and play longer or work harder. Years of scientific research into ergonomics has resulted in this revolutionary computer mouse.

The vertical design forces your forearm to stay in its natural anatomic alignment which prevents stiffening of the wrists and narrowing of the carpal tunnel, thus preventing stiffness, numbness, and pain.

  • ergonomic design - gives you marvelous experience while gaming and working
  • volute bionic shape
  • with RGB LED backlight, colorful and beautiful
  • the wrist support is removable, easy and convenient to use
  • skid resistant and sweat resistant
  • excellent stability, rich light efficiency
  • helps to reduce the pressure and pain caused by the mouse on the wrist

Finish your graphics or video editing projects or go hours playing your favorite MMORPG, MMOG and FPS without wrist discomfort. With 6 buttons and 4000 DPI optical sensitivity, it's built for extreme precision and performance.

Size: 107 mm * 95 mm * 90 mm