Promaker - Tennis Trainer

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Tennis Accessories Promaker - Tennis Trainer

Promaker - Tennis Trainer

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Play like a tennis pro and compete and win more high-level matches by training regularly with the Promaker!

Professional tennis players play at peak levels because of their high-performance training regimen. So, intensify the way you train with the Promaker and watch your tennis game improve by leaps and bounds.

By training with the Promaker you ...

  •  Improve Reaction Time
  •  Simulate Realistic Return Shots
  •  Intensify Muscle Memory
  •  Fine Tune Shots
  •  Refine Your Forehand Stroke, Backhand Stroke and Overhead Smash

The Promaker is the best thing that will ever happen to your tennis training. It's like a personal coach and a high-level opponent rolled into one. By training with the Promaker, you'll improve your reaction time and fine tune strokes and shots. You'll soon compete in high-level games and win more.

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    • Size: approx. 245 mm * 205 mm *  70 mm / 9.6 * 8 * 2.75''