Ivve®Magnetic therapy back support belt

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Braces & Supports Black / XL Ivve®Magnetic therapy back support belt

Ivve®Magnetic therapy back support belt

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Product Details

Do you feel back pain while working for prolonged hours? Do you experience neck pain during break time? 

1. Great for office persons.
2. Supporting design helps correct poor posture.
3. Pulls shoulder back to correct posture.
4. Provides gentle back support.
5. Prevention of adolescent customary humpback & bend down.
6. 12 High energy magnets contact the spine & lumbar region.
7. Non-restricting uni-sex design for men and women.
8. Fully adjustable, comfortable & easy to wear.

The causes of lower back pain include muscle strains, herniated or degenerative discs, issues with the sacroiliac joints in your lower spine, and even arthritis. While several solutions exist to combat back pain, using a back brace for lower back pain is the least intrusive method. Plus, it’s non-habit forming, unlike taking medication.

Our posture support brace is a once and forever posture corrector, relieves back, neck and spine ache, plus improves body shape in a short span of time.

Wearing Ivve®Magnetic therapy back support belt support transforms the miserable busy lifestyle into a healing and fascinating activity. 

Made of a soft, stretchy blend of neoprene, it is lined with cotton for comfort and fits discretely under clothing.

M = Fits for waist : 70 cm - 91 cm
L = Fits for waist : 88 cm - 99 cm
XL = Fits for waist : 95 cm - 107 cm
XXL = Fits for waist : 110 cm - 120 cm