ReversiCap - Bottle Emptier

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Cooking Tool Sets ReversiCap - Bottle Emptier

ReversiCap - Bottle Emptier

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Product Details

If you've ever had trouble emptying a bottle of lotion, shampoo, chocolate syrup, honey or any other liquid in a bottle, then make your life easier with the ReversiCap Bottle Emptier!

The ReversiCap is the solution to all your bottle emptying problems!

Get every drop of what you actually paid for!
No more need to shake, jerk or cut bottles in half just to get to the product inside.
Simply replace the original cap with the ReversiCap, stand the bottle over its head and you're all set.

It's made of BPA-free, food grade plastic, so you know it's safe and non-toxic.

It's adaptable and fits most bottle opening and thread sizes.

Get six ReversiCaps and three size adapters for each.

After a bottle is empty, simply wash and reuse!

Get yours today and save time, energy and money!

Material: plastic
Number of pcs: 6pcs