Fast Charging USB Cable

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Fast Charging USB Cable

Fast Charging USB Cable

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Product Details

With the changing times, the use of mobile phones has become a living habit. Data cables have become an indispensable accessory in life, but they can easily be damaged if used frequently. This is how our new product, Fast Charging USB Cable, appears. Once damaged, it can be repaired immediately.

New trickle charge, intelligent adaptation to different Apple models, fast automatic switching function. The trickle charging mode protects your phone. Excellent performance ensures that your device data is quickly synced and charged. The charging speed can reach 5 V 1.5 a.

  • High-quality TPE housing and zinc alloy housing make the charging cable stronger and completely prevent wear
  • It has no entanglements and tensile strength

Cable length: 150 cm

Compatibility: iPhone iOS 6 and up