Inifinity ZipScarf

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Inifinity ZipScarf

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Product Details

Hide your phone, passport, and wallet as you stay stylish and warm with the Infinity ZipScarf. The Inifinity ZipScarf is an infinity scarf with a hidden pocket you can use for your most valuable personal possessions like your passport, phone or wallet. Use it when you're traveling for added personal safety and security.

With the ZipScarf around your neck, you get:

• A Hidden Pocket for Your Belongings
• A Stylish, Warm Scarf
• Protection From Theft
• Safety and Security When Traveling

Stay stylish with a functional infinite scarf that will not only keep you warm but protect your valuable personal belongings from possible theft or loss when traveling. Just put your phone, wallet or passport inside the well-hidden pocket and wear the scarf like you would any other infinite scarf. Get yours today!