Fruity Tart Pet Bed

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Fruity Tart Pet Bed

Fruity Tart Pet Bed

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Product Details

Your cat can now enjoy sleeping in this Fruity Tart Pet Bed.

Cats and dogs will love sweet things and we love it when they look cute. So the Fruity Tart Pet Bed is the next logical step!

The Fruity Tart Pet Bed is as comfortable and even comes with hand stitched pillows in the shapes of various fruits and berries to keep kitty comfy and complete the look of a yummy dessert.

The bed fits cats of all sizes, as well as small dogs. Get ready to fill up your social media feeds with all the cute pictures you will take of your pet enjoying this bed.

Each "fruit" pillow is hand-sewn, so each piece has a different feel to it that your cat can appreciate resting on, or ripping to shreds. (The fruits are sewn to the tart itself, so it will take some time before your kitty can displace them.)

A sleepy kitty and puppy stands in for any custard or fruity filling, obviously.

  • 1 Fruity Comfy Pet Bed with 5 fruit cushions
  • The bed itself resembles a flawless fluted crust. 

Size: 40 cm x 11 cm