Bug Off! - Personal Alarm

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Self Defense Supplies Bug Off! - Personal Alarm

Bug Off! - Personal Alarm

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Product Details

Protect yourself, your loved ones and your things from would-be robbers!

Meet the Bug Off! - Personal Alarm.

  • Cute Lady Bug Design
  • Loud 120db - 140db Alarm
  • Bright attention-grabbing flashing LED lights
  • (Batteries last between 40-60 minutes)

It's loud enough to startle robbers, making them drop your bag and even giving you a couple seconds to escape. The noise and lights bring attention and help to you! You can use it as a flashlight for emergency situations.

Perfect for anyone! Bring it everywhere with you. Bring it to the city, take it outdoors, attach it to your belt loop or your bag, give it to your kids and your loved ones.

Stay safe, get your Bug Off! Personal Alarm here!