Easy Needle Threader

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Easy Needle Threader

Easy Needle Threader

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Product Details

New easy way to thread needles and insert a new needle into your sewing machine. If you're beginning to struggle with threading the needle and your machine is a doesn't have a built-in needle threader, like many of the older machines and recent basic models. Then this universal sewing machine needle threader will make things a whole lot easier for you.

Not only is it a needle threader but it also has a built-in needle holder for replacing the needle without being all tricky with fingers and thumbs in the way.

  • A good tool to help thread the sewing machine needle more easily
  • Able to hold on to the machine needle tightly.
  • For a various domestic sewing machine, synthetic sewing machine
  • Suitable for threading, needle exchange
  • Can easily pass through the eye of a needle thread