Strong Hold - Mop and Broom Holder

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Strong Hold - Mop and Broom Holder

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Product Details

Are you having trouble storing your mops, broom, shovels, and other tools?  Do you need an efficient and space-saving area to keep them organized? A place where you can instantly see everything lined up and ready to use?

You can solve that problem today with the Strong Hold Mop and Broom Holder!

It’s a  multi-purpose heavy duty holder that can be used to hang sporting goods,  hardware tools,  cleaning tools,  kitchen tools,  AND MORE! A Great choice to organize all the tools you need.

  • Simply stick your tool in place  and it’s there,  ready to use  again but organized in an elegant way
  • Uses an efficient roller lock technology to keep your tools in place with a strong grip
  • Easy to mount  with simple power tools that are totally accessible in any household
  • Perfect to place in your garage, closet, or anywhere you want things to be more organized

Size: 43.5 cm