Spike Stamp

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Spike Stamp

Spike Stamp

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Product Details

These are the reasons why you should grab on to the Spike Stamp every time you're prepping steak or any meat-based meal.

• Tenderizes Meat Effectively
• Easy to Hold, Ergonomic Handle
• Easy to Use - Uses Easy to Perform Stamping Action
• Sharp Stainless Steel Spikes
• Corrosion Resistant
• Evens Out Heat Distribution
• Creates Heat Channels that Facilitate Quicker Cooking
• Easy to Clean

Never cook tough meat ever again. Use the Spike Stamp to turn even the toughest slab of meat into the most succulent and most tender piece of steak you'll ever taste in your life.

It's so easy to use and with its sharp stainless steel spikes, you're going to create heat channels in the meat that make cooking much faster. Don't delay. Get yours today!