Grippies - Non-Slip Mat Grippers (4 pcs)

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Grippies - Non-Slip Mat Grippers (4 pcs)

Grippies - Non-Slip Mat Grippers (4 pcs)

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Product Details

Flying carpets are fun in storybooks but not in your home. So keep your rugs in place with an anti-slip underlay.

Our Grippies - Non Slip Mat Grippers (4 pcs) keeps any rug or carpets stay put on hard floors and tiles to
 prevent bunching, curling, slipping and tripping.

It is so EASY to use, all you have to do it place it the corners of your rug! Sticking these grippers to the corners of your rugs keeps it in position and even avoid accidents!

Simply wash the rug grippers with soap and water if it starts to lose its stickiness and it will be as good as new!

Keep your home tidy and safer with these Grippies - Non-Slip Mat Grippers)!

  • keeps your rugs in place - for all surfaces (Wood, Hardwood, Bamboo, Laminate, Linoleum, Cork, Ceramic Tile, Stone and Vinyl floor's anti-slip protection for your rugs)
  • won't leave a sticky residue or damage your floor
  • good anti-skid and anti-curling effects - affected by product size, weight, carpet back and floor contact
  • single triangular rubber mats - small in size and light in weight, provide limited force, it is recommended to use only on small carpets, not recommended for use on large carpets
  • To achieve good results, please keep the carpet off the back and the floor flat, dry and clean, avoid the contact of the hair, moisture and dust, especially flannelette bottomed rugs.
  • 4 pcs of Non-Slip Mat Grippers are suitable for one mat

Size: 10 cm x 10 cm

How to use:

  1. Place carpet or throw rug in the desired place on the floor. 
  2. Pull back one corner or area of the carpet or throw rug. 
  3. Remove the protective backing from one of the rug grippers. 
  4. Adhere smooth surface directly to the underside of the carpet. The textured side should be up. 
  5. Place the corner of the carpet or throw rug back in place and firmly press the corner so the textured side of adheres directly to the floor. 
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 for the remaining corners or other areas of the carpet. 

Before you buy, please consider whether the material on the back of your carpet is hard enough and smooth to avoid soft materials, fluff or other difficult materials.