Baby Proof Magnetic Locks

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Baby Proof Magnetic Locks

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Baby Proof Magnetic Locks

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Product Details

Are you worried about the safety of your baby once it starts crawling and is capable of exploring? Do you wonder how to keep it out of the cabinets and away from potentially harmful substances?

Keeping your kids out of your cabinets is no easy task. Kids get into everything from the moment they are able to crawl. That might not be such a big deal, except for the fact that our cabinets and drawers are full of dangerous things like knives, chemicals, and other dangerous items.

The Baby Proof Magnetic Locks mount to the inside of your cabinets or drawers, so they are the least invasive in the “aesthetics” department. They use powerful magnets to keep cabinets and drawers closed with a magnetic key, to engage and disengage the locking mechanism.

  • A unique feature of magnetic locks is that you keep them in “unlock mode” for any period of time, which allows you to quickly whip up some dinner without having to unlock drawers and cabinets every time – or for the years between kids when you don’t need them
  • They’re also great for grandparents who only need them engaged while grandkids are visiting
  • Another benefit for this product is that they hold doors and drawers completely closed, which prevents pinching of little fingers

Package includes:

4 + 1 Set ( 4 magnetic locks + 1 key)
8 + 2 Set (8 magnetic locks + 2 keys)