Insects Vacuum Catcher

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Laundry Products Insects Vacuum Catcher

Insects Vacuum Catcher

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Product Details

Have you always been annoyed or creepy with spiders, roaches, bugs or other crawling insects infested your kitchen or bedroom? Then this bug catcher is a perfect tool to catch and release the creepy crawlies humanly and without a harm.

The transparent plastic tube offers a large space for unwanted spiders, bugs, cockroaches, wasps, mosquitoes or other house pests. Choose this catcher and say goodbye to creepy crawlies.

Features with Four parts:
Vacuum Motor
Vacuum Clear Pipe
Suck Booster
Tube Cover

  • light function, the button “LED” supports the item work at night or dark places
  • catch all types of spiders and insects, quickly and easily
  • ideal for removing other small light objects from hard-to-reach places with a long tube
  • no insecticides, no poisons, eco-friendly
  • lightweight and portable design
  • works like a gentle vacuum cleaner
  • humanly and easy operation, once catch the insects you can set them free
  • easy to use at home, especially apply for kitchen
Powered BY: 9V battery (Not included)
Unit dimension: 350 * 32 mm
Unit weight: 132 g