Rain Cloud Watering Pot

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Rain Cloud Watering Pot

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Rain Cloud Watering Pot

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Product Details

This Rain Cloud Watering Pot is a wall-mounted trinket from white clouds above and below the small pots of two parts.

Among them, the main mystery is in the cloud. It is considered one of the beautiful, but also have practical uses - it is equivalent to a sink when watering, pour water directly inside the clouds, clouds will drop of water drop slowly dropped pots 

Clouds type of sink water treatment technologies via an automatic-release, so you no longer care for the watering and headache. Pour water into the clouds, the rain from the clouds will drop a drop falls pots. So once poured water can sustain for a long time, it is when you go out for several days, do not worry, but also to avoid a watering too much harm to the plant.

  • A wall-hung flowerpot with a cloud-shaped water filter
  • It allows the plant within to be watered by raindrops
  • It can also contribute to one’s interior decoration scheme

Water capacity: 80 ml
Size: 7 cm x 5.5 cm x 18 cm