Comfy Quick Dry Hair Wrap

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Hair Towels Pink Comfy Quick Dry Hair Wrap

Comfy Quick Dry Hair Wrap

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Product Details

Comfy Quick Dry Hair Wrap is made of polyester and cotton, feels very soft and comfortable, with good water absorption effect, can make your hair quickly dry.

Pre-stretched microfiber hair drying towel is large to fit a lot of hair with a knot and button closure. Hair towel turban holds your hair after showers to reduce hair drying time.

Microfiber hair towel material absorbs a lot of water to your shoulders dry and the material is made to easily ring (twist or squeeze) out the water. Soaks up 80% more water, without any hair damage or moisture losing, and it can also reduce the risk of split hair ends.

Size: 60 x 25 cm / 23.5 x 9.8 inches