Garden Pro - Multi-Purpose Gardening Gloves

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Garden Pro - Multi-Purpose Gardening Gloves

Garden Pro - Multi-Purpose Gardening Gloves

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Product Details

Because sometimes it’s just easier—and way more fun—to dig in the dirt with your hands instead of using gardening tools.

Whether you're pruning thorny rose bushes, pulling weeds, or digging in the dirt with your hands, there's a gardening glove for that. The Multi-Purpose Gardening Gloves are the ONLY tool you need for gardening.

Easily plant and dig without ever needing a gardening tool again! Made from waterproof and puncture-resistant latex, the Garden Pro gloves are easy to wash and ideal for gripping. Their durable plastic claws also make digging small holes and transplanting plants by hand a breeze.

  • gardening was never this easy
  • comfortable, durable, yet light-weight and breathable
  • durable plastic claws
  • protect your fingers and nails perfectly while allowing you dig, rake and grab soil, dirt, and rocks
  • ideal for weeding, digging, pruning roses, raking soil, making holes, creating seed rows, planting seedlings, planting bulbs, raking and finishing decorative stones
  • flexible, ergonomic design for handling small objects

Make all of your yards work quick, easy and fun with these amazing Garden Pro - Multi-Purpose Gardening Gloves. Great for both men and women!

Size: Approx. 24 x 13.5 x 4 cm
Package includes: 1 pair