Fun Egg Shaper

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Fun Egg Shaper

Fun Egg Shaper

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Product Details

Whether you’re baking cookies for Halloween or spicing up breakfast for your family, these molds will make food fun!

To use with eggs, place the mold in your frying pan and crack two eggs into the rings. It’s that simple. It's two eggs, funny side up either in the shape of a grinning skull, a purr-fect kitty, charming owl, or a cute rabbit!

It relieves the monotony of having the same old eggs, sunny side up, every morning, every day of the week, all throughout the year. With this mold, you can change the way your breakfast looks like. Drastically!

Definitely, a wonderful way to get not just kids to eat in the morning but also to kick off any egg loving pet lover’s day! 

When breakfast has come and gone, they make perfect cookie cutters for the next bake sale.

Material: Pure food-safe silicone
Temperature Resistance: -40 ℃ ~ 220 ℃