Keep it Fresh&Sealed Silicone Bags

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Keep it Fresh&Sealed Silicone Bags

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Keep it Fresh&Sealed Silicone Bags

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Product Details

The Keep it Fresh&Sealed Silicone Bags is a food-grade silicone material, health, and environmental protection, pull strip design, strong sealing, easy access, vegetables, fish, meat, and juice can be stored, different colors can be used to classify the new upgrade bag slot, completely sealed.

Do not worry about leakage, add hanging rings, easy storage and cleaning and then dry. Resistance to high and low temperature, the use of temperature range -50 °C ~ +250 °C, can be used for refrigerators, microwave ovens, electric ovens. Silicone-bonded silica gel super-aging resistant, long life of more than 30 years under normal conditions.

  • Non-toxic and tasteless, safe and environmentally friendly
  • Completely isolated from internal and external gas flow, good sealing
  • Used in the refrigerator to cover the bowl, pot, pots, etc.
  • Completely isolated from the air
  • Can achieve the best preservation effect


1000 ml
1500 ml

Note:  temperature range -50 °C ~ +250 °C