Starflex - Flexible Brush Sponge

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Starflex - Flexible Brush Sponge

Starflex - Flexible Brush Sponge

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Product Details

Cleaning and washing dishes isn't always fun, but with a good sponge, it's easier. But with the right sponge, you may be able to take some of the pain out of this particularly nasty chore.

Starflex - Flexible Brush Sponge with the handle not only cleans easily but cleans every surface super fast and keeps everything dry. Is your glass of water/coffee/tea falling over your table? Your table has never been clean and dry so quickly. 

An accident is in a small corner, how often is there no glass of water on the table or floor, how often is there tea or coffee on your desk? How often is the sink wet? The Starflex - Flexible Brush Sponge absorbs up to 200 ml of moisture and cleans any wet surface in an instant. The sponge that cleans everything with the ideal handle to keep your hands clean.

If you love having perfectly clean windows but hate getting your hands dirty, the Starflex - Flexible Brush Sponge will make this chore into a pleasure!

  • effective
  • easy to use 
  • mess free
  • versatile sponge cleaner that adapts to every task
  • the extra long shape makes cleaning faster and more efficient
  • great for cleaning windows, countertops, tables, cars and much more
  • no other sponges needed


Size: 22 x 5 cm