FLAMY - Fire Decorative LED Light Bulbs

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LED Bulbs & Tubes Base Type - E26 FLAMY - Fire Decorative LED Light Bulbs

FLAMY - Fire Decorative LED Light Bulbs

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Product Details

Capture the charmingly classical beauty of a flame lamp indoors with the LED flame bulb!

We are glad to introduce you this FLAMY - LED Light Bulbs, a unique piece of the decorative light bulb, this brand new LED bulb it's going to illuminate your home or business giving you a new atmosphere and an exclusive light effect.

The bulb is composed of LEDs that turn on and off in a predetermined pattern to create the convincing animation of a sizzling fire. The looping animation is so realistic, you won't know the difference. It also comes with a static setting for when you want to illuminate an area with steady light instead of a flickering flame.

Use this innovative bulb to simulate an open flame indoors as a special effect for your business or use it at home to set a quaint mood for dinners, conversations and most especially - sexy time.

Put it on a table in a lantern or in a container full of kindling to impress family and friends. Use it as a relaxing night light and simulate having a campfire in your bedroom. If you own or manage a restaurant, club, bar or hotel, you can set them up in and around lounges, dining halls, bars and the dance floor to get that extraordinary effect indoors. You can even replicate torch effects with some bamboo torch handles.

Base Type: E26 / E27
The E26 bulb can fit in the E27 base and an E27 bulb can fit in the E26 base without a problem. The sockets/bulbs are interchangeable except for the voltage rating.

Voltage: AC 100-265V
Wattage: 7 watts
Color Temperature: 1900-2200K (Warm White)
Luminous Intensity: 650 lumens
Beam Angle: 360 Degrees
Size: diameter 65 mm x height 138 mm
Package includes: 1 pcs LED Light Bulb