Functional Cooling Dog Mat

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Functional Cooling Dog Mat

Functional Cooling Dog Mat

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Product Details

The Functional Cooling Dog Mat will surely make your dog's life comfortable when they're sleeping or just lying down. You will never have to worry about the hot and sunny weather because you're confident now that your dog/s are at ease with our cooling Pad.

With this in mind, the Functional Cooling Dog Mat was designed to provide a refreshing, comfortable place to relax for your favorite fur-baby, even on the hottest day.  Once your dog lays on the mat, the cooling automatically begins and lasts from 3-4 hours depending on conditions. Automatically recharges after 15-20 minutes of non-use.


  • The pressure-activated cooling gel has a comfortable animal
  • No need for gel or cool
  • Can be easily placed in your favorite pet bed
  • Offers extra comfort for animals with joint pain
  • Lightweight and portable, for indoor and outdoor use
  • Uses safe, non-toxic gel

Small - 20 cm x 30 cm 
Medium - 30 cm x 40 cm 
Large -
40 cm x 50 cm