Professional Quality Windshield Repair Kit

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Professional Quality Windshield Repair Kit Windshield repair kita

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Professional Quality Windshield Repair Kit

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Product Details

Everything you need to fix a crack or chips in the windshield or some glass surface is in this product. Professional Quality Windshield Repair Kit is designed to be easy to use, long-lasting, quick and economical tool for repairing problems that can be expensive and tough to solve.

It works on most types of damaged outer glass. The repair kit is designed to work best on small chips, bulls-eye, spider web, star-shaped, half-moon crescents, and every kind of cracks that are not bigger than 30 cm/12 inches and 2.54 cm/1 inch in diameter.

Professional Quality Windshield Repair Kit can quickly and effectively repair those cracks in 20-30 minutes. It saves your money, time, prevents further damage from spreading and restores the glass surfaces such as your windshield or phone in near new condition that is long-lasting.

As it's specially designed it does not require mixing or heating materials for repair. The resin is created to match optical qualities of a glass and that's exactly what makes this solution so effective.

  • Easy and quick to use, 8 simple steps in 30 minutes
  • No heating or ingredient mixing required
  • Creates invisible, undetectable repair in a damaged glass surface
  • Can be used to repair most of the glass surfaces, such as windshield and phone
  • A unique resin that creates an invisible layer while filling up the fracture
  • Repair tool uses up to 20PA that forces the fluid in the damaged cracks
  • Can repair surfaces for up to 30 cm in length and 2.54 cm in diameter 
  • Ideal application is 60°F to 90°F (15°C to 32°C). 

    • Avoid using in direct sunlight - work in a shaded area
    • Do not work on a hot windshield, park vehicle in the shaded area and open windows to cool glass surface
    • Do not let resin come in contact with painted surfaces

    Packing includes:
    1 x Repair device
    1 x Instruction sheet
    1 x Bottle repair resin
    1 x Sleeved razor blade
    5 x Curing strips


    1. Clean and dry the damaged surface.
    2. Place the repair device.
    3. Insert the repair resin.
    4. Check the tool alignment. Make sure that the center of a tool is over a crack.
    5. Release any remaining air bubbles.
    6. Prepare the curing strip and use resin to fill up the remaining cracks.
    7. Apply and flatten the curing strip all over the cracked surface.
    8. Remove the strip and use a razor to clean leftover resin.



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