Dent Remover T - Bar

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Tire Repair Tools Bar Dent Repair Kit

Dent Remover T - Bar

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Product Details

Save time & money on dent repairs!

Dent Remover Bar is a handy, powerful tool for pulling out the dents on your car. It can also be used to quickly remove the dents on washing machines or refrigerators.

  • Dent remover repair tool repairs the dents on your car.
  • The slide hammer is more powerful for paintless dent repair, conquer big dent.
  • Easy to use, and it is no damage to the original paint. 
  • Paintless dent remover perfect for door dings and hail damage.
  • Dent lifter suitable for any person to deal with any dents.

How to Use:

1. Select a suitable gasket.
2. Apply glue to the drawing gasket with a glue gun.
3. Press lightly the drawing gasket until the glue adheres. Let the glue cool for 5 minutes.
4. Mount the Dent Remover Bar, and pull up the dent until it disappears.
5. Spray some alcohol and clean the repaired place with a plastic spatula.