Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin

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Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin

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Product Details

Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin is also called the epoxy resin adhesive, generally DIY is the use of this work, the non-toxic glue, green environmental protection, harmless to human body, the baby can be at ease use.

This is widely used because it has strong practicability. It can be used for crystal photos, goldfish, the stars or the Milky Way is to do following, jewelry, bracelets, rings, etc.,

  • The proportion of harmonic note must accurate, B can be a bit more, but must not be less, less affect the curing time and hardness, and possibly won't cure
  • Configured glue to finished before getting thickened, how much we need to match, so as not to waste
  • The good product must pay attention to the dust, it is best to lid is good, if carelessly stick on the surface dust, also want to pick out with a tip


Step 1 - Weight Calculated Glue A
Step 2 - Weight Calculated Glue B (Must be 1/3 of Glue A's weight)
Step 3 - Stir gently glue A & B, and mix even 5-8 minutes
Step 4 - Add the needed paint into the combined glue.
            (The bubble can be poked by needle)
Step 5 - Use a straw to pour sufficient glue into the mold
Step 6 - Accelerated Curing (Use the heating pad to accelerate the glue)


Package includes:

1 x Epoxy Resin A
1 x Epoxy Resin B
1 x Cylinder
1 x Syringe Pump
1 x Straw
1 x Stirrer


Small - 280 ml
Large - 600 ml