Color Hair Wax Mofajang

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Hair Color Wax Silver Mofajang Hair Color Wax

Color Hair Wax Mofajang

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Product Details

Are you a person who like trying new things? 

Have you ever thought about dying your hair, but like your natural hair color too much to permanently change?

Then we have the hair care product for you!

Get any color you want for a day with color hair wax by Mofajang. 

• Choose among many temporary hair colors:
Silver hair wax 
o Gray hair wax
Gold hair wax
o Red hair wax
o Purple hair wax
o Green hair wax
o Blue hair wax

Easy to apply. Scoop out a handful of color hair wax by Mofajang and apply it with your fingers, just like normal wax.

Color a part of your hair, or the whole. When color can be changed in seconds, experiment!

And when you are back home and ready for normal, just wash your hair as usual, and your hair will be back to normal.

Try out a new look today!
Size: 120 g