Flexible Closet Hanger (360 Degree)

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Flexible Closet Hanger (360 Degree)

Flexible Closet Hanger (360 Degree)

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Product Details

Is your closet packed with clothes? This is the perfect invention to save you space in your closet while also making it extremely easy to get your clothes. 

This Flexible Closet Hanger (360 Degree) saves spice and also retracts to let you pull clothes off easily.  Its high quality build lets you hang jackets, shirts or anything you can fit on a hanger. 

  • 360 degree rotation to collapse hanger and give you more room
  • Retractable hanger lets you pull clothes off easily
  • Fits in any closet
  • Saves tons of space while keeping your closet neat and organized.
  • 8 Hooks + 1 hook ring in the middle

Size: 64cm x 52cm