Flexible Car Cleaning Clay Bar

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Flexible Car Cleaning Clay Bar

Flexible Car Cleaning Clay Bar

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Product Details

The Flexible Car Cleaning Clay Bar can remove different kinds of blots such as rust, grease, dead insects contamination and over-spray, etc. It can be used in many parts of cars body, such as mirror surface, bumper and more. 

If you’ve never used a clay bar to clean before, you definitely need to use this product, it will be super helpful to make your car clean and shiny again without any damaging risks.

  • Quality Material - The car clay bar is made of high quality and unique clay material, the smooth texture can effectively prevent scratching.
  • Easy to Use - The clay bar cleaner is the perfect choice for your car cleaning. Car detailing clay needs to be soaked in water before use. Then use proper strength to wash with water or wash car fluid. It is soft and is easily deformed (When you receive it, but it does not affect the quality).
  • Versatile Usage - Each clay stick weighs 100 grams (2 packs). Applicable to the cleaning of various vehicles, windows, floors, mirrors, etc.
  • Reusable - After use, dry it naturally and wrap them in clean plastic wrap or plastic bags. Next time, you can continue to reuse them. But do not drop on the ground to be stained with dust.


  1. Wash the clay bar in water before using.
  2. Wash the vehicle surface, then gently glide the clay bar over your working area.
  3. Wash the clay bar after using for a while or just fold it over and then continue working on an area until all contamination is removed.
  4. After use, store it in a container filled with water for next usage.

Note: Before using the Flexible Car Cleaning Clay Bar, remove all the sand and dust with bleach, watering while wiping the car body.

Size: 7 x 1.5 cm
Package includes: 1 x Cleaning Clay Bar