Candy Twister Strainer

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Colanders & Strainers Large Green - 3pcs Candy Twister Strainer

Candy Twister Strainer

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Product Details

Say Goodbye To Sink Gunk Forever! Cleaning Panic? Cleaning is not always clean... 

The hardest thing while cleaning up your kitchen or bathroom sink is to keep your fingers away from the accumulated soggy garbage in the sink strainer. This drain strainer is perfectly designed to deal with this nasty problem, so use this and you will never have to touch the garbage disposal again.

Candy twister sink strainer will filter the dirty wet food in your sink and also give you the possibility to empty it without touching the dirt because our strainer comes with a genius concept, it features a small handle to let you hold it with a less touching of the content. Also, it is flexible and made of silicone. As a result, you can flip it out to empty it smoothly.

simply invert to empty - no need to touch the mess
the high-quality silicone that is stain resistant and will not scratch your sink
dishwasher safe

Small size: 
diameter 7 cm
Large size: 
diameter 11 cm

Package includes: 3 pieces