Cabaver - Cable Protector Pads (6 PCS)

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Cabaver - Cable Protector Pads (6 PCS)

Cabaver - Cable Protector Pads (6 PCS)

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Product Details

Ever notice that your chargers tend to break in roughly the same area each time? 

Every time you pull the cable to unplug your phone, stuff that charger into your pocket on your way to class, or roll it up and throw it in a bag on your way to work you are putting unbearable strain on the meeting point of the plug and cable, causing it to fray (and causing you a lot of rage). The result? More money spent, more trips to the store, and more plastic in landfills.

This Cabaver - Cable Protector Pads is perfect to protect your cables, they are simple to use and made of high-quality materials, so they will not only save your cables but they will not break. Having a set of these will save you money in the long run, you won't have to replace your cables from breakage.

  • increases cable life, saving you time & money
  • cover the sensitive area where the charging cable meets the charging plug preventing the cable from bending at its weakest point
  • by using the protector, the risk of fraying and breaking reduces by well over 90%
  • inner rubber layer absorbs impacts preventing harmful twists & bends while outer layer protects your cable against daily wear & tear
  • fits ALL charger cable

Size: 20 mm x 10.8 mm
Package includes: 6 pcs