Creative Glass Bottle Cutter

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Creative Glass Bottle Cutter

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Product Details

Create your own vases, glassware, different kind of holders, ashtrays, lamps & aquariums, etc. using this Creative Glass Bottle Cutter!

Adjustable hole design provides you cut both from the top or the bottom of the glass bottles and mason jars. Suitable with all beer/wine/drinking glass round bottles. The direction-adjustable blade can make your own style bottles. The powerful blades score the bottle well for smooth edges.

  • By your creative recycle ideas and handmade practice, decorate your exclusive beautiful life and help you do your bit for the environment protection
  •  Increase friction makes it more stability
  • Made of high-quality metal, lightweight but also handy and sturdy
  • Easy to keep and clean
  • Recycle Your Glass Bottles create your own artwork

How to use:

  • Just place your bottle on the cutter
  • Rotate the bottle constant moderate pressure, heat the score over boiled water and cold water alternately bathe three times