Bakeshake - Mechanical Baking Sifter

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Baking & Pastry Tools Bakeshake - Mechanical Baking Sifter

Bakeshake - Mechanical Baking Sifter

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Product Details

Before a scrumptious cake, a mouthwatering cookie or a wholesome bread is taken out of the oven ready to be served, they first start out as a collection of separate ingredients.

For each of these delicious baked goodies, the main ingredient is undoubted flour. So, if anything goes wrong with the flour the result will be nothing short of a disappointment. Correctly handle flour for all your baking needs by getting the Bakeshake - Mechanical Baking Sifter!

The Mechanical Sifter is made of non-toxic and rust-resistant stainless steel for durability and cleanliness.

For convenience, it is shaped like a cup with an open cylindrical container for the flour. Its handle is ergonomically-designed for comfort. The handle also has a squeeze trigger that turns the fine mesh sieve at the bottom back and forth. This twisting action of the sieve thoroughly sifts the flour, preparing it for any recipe. It also has 125 g and 250 g calibrations marked on its side for easy measurement.

Get this amazingly helpful baking tool here and create perfect cakes, cookies, and bread right in your own kitchen.

It's surely a baking must-have!