BaBy Fold N' Go - Portable Baby Bed

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BaBy Fold N' Go - Portable Baby Bed Black

BaBy Fold N' Go - Portable Baby Bed

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Product Details

One of the biggest challenges for parents is getting their baby or toddler to sleep well away from home. A comfortable and portable infant travel bed can be the key to your success.

The Portable Baby Bed is the perfect complement to your baby hammock. You can take the bed with you anywhere, so you can guarantee that your child will be 100% safe no matter your location.

The bed is adjustable to fit infants of all sizes and can save your child's life. That's because the shape of the portable baby bed imitates the infant's embryo period and has an anti-rollover shaping pillow.

  • Safe and comfortable for all infants.
  • Lightweight — Let’s face it — you are going to be toting this travel crib around, so it is advantageous to choose a lightweight travel crib, that doesn’t sacrifice other key features.
  • Easy to Assemble — It could be late at night when you arrive at your hotel, vacation rental or Grandma’s house. Your baby or toddler will be tired and you don’t want to go to war with your portable travel cot. The best travel baby bed should set up as easily as promised by the manufacturer.
  • Washable — Sh*t happens. It really does. While rarely necessary, when disaster strikes, a washable travel bed is a blessing.
  • Breathable — For safety reasons, it is very important that a portable baby crib for travel or an infant travel bed have proper venting and breathable fabric.
  • Reduces risk of a flat head syndrome.
  • Mimics the shape of a pregnant woman's uterus.
  • Reduces risk factors associated with SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)


UPDATE: Due to the huge increase in social media attention, we're running extremely low on these, so hurry and order before it's all gone.

Age: 0 - 12 months
 55 * 38 cm
Product thickness: 2 - 3 cm



Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews

This has helped improve our nights, our sweet boy knows that when he's in the portable bed it's time to sleep. He still does wake in the night (he's 5 months) but he has slept longer stretches in this product than he did without. Thanks for this amazing product.


Keeps my two year old, who wants to sleep in a big girl bed, from falling out I feel comfortable at night and don't worry about her accidentally falling over. I would love to recommend this product.


I was waiting to use it to leave a review. So last weekend we went to the beach and loved it. It's design has great material, light, comfortable and most importantly my baby loved it, he took a good nap in it :)


This is one of the best portable baby bed that we have. The design and the quality matches. Worth the price my baby loves to sleep with this one and I would recommend the seller and this excellent product to all parents out there. Thanks :)


Finally, I have now the portable baby bed. I saw this in our neighbor and she recommend this seller. So I did not hesitate to purchase because I saw how good the quality is. Thank you and I will also spread this product same with the seller. Love it.