7 Pcs Travel Set

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Cosmetic Bags & Cases 7 PCs Travel Set

7 Pcs Travel Set

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Product Details

This lovely Travel Set are easy to carry and great to use for traveling. It has a top quality with leak proof flip top lids. It is suitable for all toiletries, shampoo, lotion, nail varnish remover and shower gels and a lot more.

They are also permitted in carry-on baggage on airplanes.

Spiral Cap Bottle (40ml): suitable for loading lotion, toner, etc.

Spray bottle (30ml): suitable for loading perfume, skin water, etc

Cream bottle (10g): suitable for masks, skin care products.

Size: As Picture Show

Package includes:

1x OPP zipper bag

1x spray bottle

2x spiral cap bottles

2x Jars

1x Dropper

1x Mask spatula spoon