Non-toxic 2in1 Pest Killer Lamp

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Non-toxic 2in1 Pest Killer Lamp

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Product Details

This Non-toxic 2in1 Pest Killer Lamp is using the latest shock photocatalyst mosquito lamps plus inhaled, no radiation. The eradication of mosquitoes, bugs and other pests, utilizes rays of a particular frequency given off by tubes to attract pests, which will be electrocuted on the high-voltage grid inside.

Kill mosquitoes and other pests without chemical sprays, no poisons, odor or harmless emissions. Non-toxic 2in1 Pest Killer Lamp eliminates flying insects and pests, terminates cockroaches.

  • Ultrasonic waves drive pests, no harmful chemicals, safe for people and pets
  • 2-in-1 ultrasonic pest repeller & bug zapper 
  • Ultrasonic sound waves drive pests crazy 
  • Blue light technology kills flying insects dead 
  • No harmful chemicals, no refills 
  • Safe for people and pets