On Clouds® Infant walking assistant

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Harnesses & Leashes On Clouds Infant walking assistant

On Clouds® Infant walking assistant

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Product Details

Babies LOVE it!!!

The independence and confidence that comes with using a On Clouds® infant walking assistant makes babies REALLY happy.

We know children love to run before they can walk, and the On Clouds - infant walking assistant will keep your child safe and secure on the move, with you by their side.

Our walking assistant will help you while your child is in the learning phase. Unlike wheelchair walkers that only make children learn to walk alone. Parents will help the baby in the learning process runs and you will not lose precious moments as a child in this phase.

  • the harness wraps around your baby’s torso and features a soft
  • single bar along the straps lets parents walk with their child at a more relaxed pace without having to bend over
  • lets your child move more freely without any tugging or twisting of their arms