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Top 10 Amazing Gift Ideas for Kids

Have you been wondering what to get your child for christmas this year? Have you been scouring the internet to find the best baby products or trending toys? Well you can stop right there because we’ve already done the legwork for you. We’ve compiled a list of 10 amazing gift ideas for kids and we have something for every age group. Whether your young one is a toddler or knocking on the teens, we’re certain that this list will have something for you!


10. 2019 Fruit and Color Master Game Toy Set

    An educational tool for younger children, this little toy encourages logical thinking and improves hand-eye coordination. It presents young minds with challenges that they must work out and overcome. It’s a fantastic toy that’ll keep your child occupied for hours, helping them learn and develop skills along the way. We can safely say that it’s one of the best baby products of 2019.

    You can buy yours here: https://foxstark.com/products/logical-toy


    9. Thermal Sensor Case

      One of the best gift ideas for kids, especially older ones, is a phone case. Not any old phone case, but one that’s uniquely equipped with some pretty nifty features. This thermal sensor case ticks all those boxes, ensuring that your kids’ phones remain protected, meaning you don’t have to fork out for a new one!

      This thermal sensor case houses iPhones and is reactive to heat. When touched, the heat of the hand imprints onto the case for a short while, also alerting the owner of anyone else trying to fiddle with their phone. It’s a super cool feature that’s sure to leave the other kids jealous!

      Get your thermal case here: https://foxstark.com/products/thermal-sensor-case

      Magical Moon Night Light

       8. 3D Printed Magical Moon Night Light

      Are your kids still at the age where they have to sleep with the door open? Or maybe, like all kids, they just like cool things! This night light resembles the moon and gets kids excited to learn about space from a young age. It lights up the room, dimly enough to sleep, but light enough for them to be safe from night terrors.

      Up close, it features an accurate depiction of the moon’s surface and comes with two brightness settings. It can be used as a lamp so that your eyes are protected from unnecessary straining in the dark, or a dimmer glow to drift off with. It adds a comfortable glow to any room.

      Get your Magical Moon Night Light here: https://foxstark.com/products/3d-moon-light

      Xmas Kids Christmas Tree Toy

       7. Kids Christmas Tree Toy

      What’s one of the best christmas gifts for kids? Well why not give them their own christmas tree to make? Why should adults have all the fun? Give it to them a little earlier to build their excitement for the big day even more. The anticipation will be almost overwhelming as they set about creating their own christmas tree. It really is one of the best baby items that kids can continue to use year after year!

      This fantastic tree is completely safe and keeps the kids occupied while santa goes to work for the real christmas presents. It lets them release their creative desires without destroying the real tree, or injuring themselves on glass baubles. The best christmas gifts for kids give an outlet for their christmas excitement, and we think that this product does that perfectly!

      Get yours here: https://foxstark.com/collections/hotbabyitems/products/xmas-kids-christmas-tree-toy


      6. Monopoly

      An age-old classic, Monopoly is still one of the most popular board games around! It’s a fantastic way to bring everyone together for some family fun. The good times don’t stop when you become an adult! Let your competitive side come out as you build hotels and take all of your family’s Monopoly money! A nice introduction to the world of finance, there are many different variations of the game to get your child. Almost every popular TV show or film has their own version, as well as most big towns and cities. 

      Monopoly is sold universally. Pick up your desired version online or from your local shopping mall.

      Car back seat iPad holder

      5. Car Back Seat iPad Holder

      The most satisfying thing about long journeys? Not having to hear “are we there yet?” every five seconds has got to be one of them! This is one of the most amazing gifts for kids as it lets them watch a film, series, or play a game. With this nifty little gadget, it’s not only a gift for the kids, but also for you! Everybody wins.

      Get yours here: https://foxstark.com/collections/hotbabyitems/products/back-seat-ipad-holder

      4. Risk

      Risk is another of the most popular board games. Just like Monopoly, it’s retained its position near the top for a long time. The aim of this game is to take over the world. There aren’t many kids that wouldn’t be interested in world domination! Starting around age 6 with streamlined rules, Risk can be a brilliant aid for developing a strategic mind. It has a focus on logical decision making and can help harness skills that come in useful later in life. After all this time, Risk is still one of the best christmas gift ideas for kids.

      You can find it in any good toy store, or online!

       DIY 3 in 1 Style Electric Plane

      3. 3 in 1 Style Electric Plane

      Remember making paper airplanes in school and launching them around outside? Well, the world of toys has advanced since then. Introducing one of the best kids’ outdoor toys: an electric plane that has its own motor! It’s one of the most awesome christmas gifts for kids in 2019. Outside toys have always been excellent gift ideas for kids, but this plane takes it to new heights!

      This plane soared into our list of trendy toys. It can be rebuilt in 3 different designs, giving your kids more chance to be creative and getting 3 planes for the price of 1! Flying way further than the paper planes of our day, this is the fun outdoor toy for today’s generation.

      Get yours here: https://foxstark.com/products/diy-electric-plane

      2. UNO Cards

      Another absolute classic! UNO Cards have consistently been a top selling toy year after year. The easy-to-learn card game is one of the highest trending kids’ toys for a reason. It’s super fun and its addictive gameplay is something that the whole family can enjoy. Introduce your little ones to this long-time classic, but be prepared for them to ask you to play… a lot!

      As with the other popular board games, you can buy UNO almost anywhere!

      1. LEGO

      There isn’t a toy quite like it. Nothing comes close to LEGO in adaptability. It changes with the times and now releases regular new bricks to collect so that you can create your favorite superhero or setting. They’ve even had a series of movies created after the little yellow bricks, causing it to rise again to the top of the trending toys list! 

      LEGO encourages kids to be creative and innovative. They’re free to build whatever they want; their imagination is their only limit. While not a brand new product offering a billion different features, LEGO is something that simply never gets old. Like the most popular board games, it’s yet to be beaten. We think it will be one of the most amazing gift ideas for kids long into the future.

      Do you agree with our choices? Do your kids have any of these items? Let us know about it in the comments!