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Finger Painting: 5 Impressive Benefits of Finger Painting for Kids

Finger painting is a popular activity for children, but it’s not just an excuse for them to make a mess all over your living room floor! Finger painting can be educational, but not only in the traditional sense. It harnesses social skills, physical skills, and cultivates creativity.

There are a lot of benefits of finger painting for toddlers, but not all of them are immediately clear. Let’s take a look at why painting is important through 5 impressive benefits of finger painting for kids.

5. Creativity and Imagination

child with finger painting

There aren’t many better ways to get a toddler to express their creativity than giving them a pot of paint to smear all over their fingers. Kids want to express themselves, but don’t quite have the means that us adults do. With a pot of paint, and a bucket of freedom, they can try to paint whatever takes their fancy. 

It’s important to give them freedom to find their creativity on their own. It’s almost impossible to force creativity upon someone. One of the benefits of finger painting for babies is that you can nurture this from a young age.

Whether they paint something resembling an animal or human, or if they go for a more abstract mix of colors, let your little Picasso know that they did a good job. They’re becoming a unique individual and experimenting with their sense of flair.

  1. Therapeutic Value

Finger Painting for Kids

You might think that children of this age don’t need therapy of any kind, but believe it or not, it feels good to release emotions. That’s all therapy is when it comes down to it: letting go of something.

Finger painting can be an outlet for this, empowering your child to release emotions that they haven’t yet learned how to handle. This can potentially prevent them from finding other, more disruptive, outlets.

The freedom to mix colors and try new things can help them take their mind off the stress of starting school and other issues that small children may face. 

If you’re looking for the benefits of finger painting for babies then it’s quite possible that they haven’t learned how to speak yet. Or if they can, it might just be a few words. This technique enables babies to express themselves without words. 

  1. Increases Social Skills

Finger Painting for Children

One of the best finger painting ideas for toddlers is to get them to work together with a small group of friends or siblings. The act of finger painting includes many other transferable skills, one of the key ones being social awareness. 

Young children will need to share the paint with the others, using the same pot. They will take turns to use the paint and can help each other identify which colors mix to make new colors (more on that later). 

The reward of seeing your little one communicate their findings to their friends or siblings is hard to describe. You can watch the crucial process of learning unfold in real-time. 

The child will also learn spacial awareness, and how to navigate the area that contains other children with paint. They will learn to give each other space to be creative and avoid trampling over another child’s artwork. 

  1. Learn How To Make New Colors

finger paint

One of the benefits of working with primary colors is that your child can learn how to make entirely new colors. The secondary colors: purple, orange, and green, can all be created by the little artists. 

They’ll learn the names of the colors, including their new creations. They’ll discover how to distinguish between them and learn through their own actions. 

Creating new colors and learning about them for the first time can be a memorable experience. Learning in a way that’s exciting for the child encourages the facts to stick in their mind. They enjoy what they’re doing and are enthusiastic about it. That will always be much more effective than teaching the colors from a book.

Finger painting for children will never go out of style. Most schools advocate learning in this way, too. And the reason why leads us onto our final benefit.

  1. It’s Fun!

finger painting activity

Kids love making a mess, and finger painting is both an educational and creative exercise. Nobody likes a boring educational activity. They want to enjoy it.

After a certain age, kids become opposed to learning. If something smells like work then it’s bad, but if it’s fun then it’s good. They don’t want to be writing and reading from textbooks. They want to be actively participating and that’s exactly what this finger painting activity achieves. 

It also helps that they’re given the freedom to do something that would usually be forbidden. Making a mess and playing in paint isn’t something they can normally get away with. 

In fact, it’s often overlooked as a home activity for precisely this reason. Parents tend to choose more simple activities instead. Release any expectations you have and just let the little ones do what they want to do. This is a time of self-exploration!

Do you have any experiences with kids finger painting? We’d like to hear about them. Let us know your personal favorite benefits in the comments below.