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7 Most Useful Cleaning Tools Everyone Should Own

Here at FoxStark, we’re always on the lookout for the best cleaning tools. We want to find something that’s durable, multifunctional, and innovative. We’re sure you do too! Anything that saves time, space, and energy is a good place to start. All the cleaning products on this list do that and much more! Read on to learn about which essential cleaning supplies we recommend. Here’s the 7 most useful cleaning tools everyone should own to make their life easier!

  1. Rapid Mop

Say goodbye to buckets, this mop does all the work itself! The lightweight alloy handle makes it super easy to carry so you can clean the whole house without problems. A thumb operated button causes the mop to spray from its 480ml reservoir. It’s the quickest and easiest clean you’ll ever do! It’s one of our must-have cleaning supplies of 2019.

The microfiber material is highly absorbent and dries much faster than your standard mop. It’s one of the best cleaning tools for large and lightly soiled areas and will leave you dancing with joy at all the time you save!

  1. Handy Cleaning Brush

Handy Cleaning Brush

This little brush is the perfect solution to hair and fur that embeds itself in the seat. It’s one of the must-have cleaning supplies for households with pets. Simply wipe repeatedly on the surface until the fur is no longer visible. It’s that easy!

The brush can be used on beds, carpets, sofas, or even clothes! It’s a fantastic tool to swiftly clean up after your cat or dog and it’s a great alternative to a vacuum cleaner. It doesn’t need electricity to work, and arguably does a better job.

For your handy cleaning brush, go here: https://foxstark.com/products/cleaning-brush

5. Multi-Functional Cleaning Brush

Multi-Functional Cleaning Brush

Out of all the house cleaning tools and equipment available on this list, this multi-functional brush has one of the most niche areas. Often overlooked in other brushes, it targets the blinds. Their complex design make them an ordeal to clean with a normal brush or cloth. Not any longer!

It’s designed with 7 slats so you can clean 6 rows of blinds at once! Each slat is made from 100% cotton bristles that are both durable and reusable. When they’re coated in dust, simply rotate the roller for a new fresh surface. Once you’ve rotated all the way around, simply wash in warm soapy water and it’ll be ready to use again. They’re also machine washable.

Make cleaning your blinds easier: https://foxstark.com/products/multi-functional-cleaning-brush

4. Easy Dry & Clean Multipurpose Towel Set

Multipurpose Towel Set

These towels can be used to clean just about anything. A vital member of your house cleaning equipment, the multipurpose towels pick up grease easily and can be used over and over again with minimal signs of wear. Use them to wash dishes, clean the table, stove, ceramic tiles, bowls and much more.

Another great thing about this innovative cleaning product is that it allows you to avoid detergent making contact with the skin. Its lotus leaf effect also makes it difficult for oil to penetrate the fiber of the towel, making oils stains a breeze. It’s made from safe and natural materials and has super strong water absorption.

Want to try it for yourself? Check it out here: https://foxstark.com/products/dish-towel

3. 3 In 1 Silicone Sponge Cleaning Brush

3 in 1 Silicone Sponge Cleaning Brush

One of the best cleaning tools for the kitchen, this 3 in 1 innovative sponge is both bacteria and odor resistant. It’ll never cling onto old smells, and its durable material means it can last long into the future.

Its strong nylon scraper helps remove food, even when it appears to be wedged to the surface. Scrub through baked on grime without breaking a sweat. Use it again and again; the long-lasting material is unlikely to rip and does away with tough stains easily.

Get yours here: https://foxstark.com/collections/uniquekitchengadgets/products/3-in-1-sponge-cleaning-brush

2. Ultra-Absorbent Car Wash Towel

Ultra-Absorbent Car Wash Towel

Despite the name alluding to cars, this fantastic towel can be used on just about anything. When drying, it gives a nice polished finish and doesn’t leave stains or streaks. It’s easy to see why: the material is professional grade microfiber! Its banded edges protect the material from damage, ensuring a long future of cleaning ahead.

Wet surface, or dry? It makes no matter, this awesome towel will never leave scratches, swirls, or bits of fluff behind. Astonishingly, it absorbs up to 8 times its own weight, twice that of a normal towel. It dries twice as fast too. Use it in the kitchen, bathroom, or on the windows!

You can get it in 4 colors and 2 different sizes here: https://foxstark.com/products/car-towel

1. Automatic Liquid Filling Brush

Push & Clean - Automatic Liquid Filling Brush

One of the best cleaning tools of 2019, the Automatic Liquid Filling Brush is innovation at its finest. This clever gadget is perfect for washing dishes. The handle is non-slip and super easy to hold, even when wet and soapy. It stores up to 80ml of detergent which can be sprayed onto pots and pans before scrubbing. It saves a lot on water and doesn’t waste the detergent either.

This fantastic brush reduces contact between your hands and the detergent, keeping them safe from potentially harmful ingredients. It features strong, long-lasting bristles that can be used on a wide range of dinnerware. There’s a little hanging hole at the end of the handle too: a simple but effective addition to the design. Hang it up to save space around your kitchen.

If you want a quick and easy solution to your dirty dishes, then get your liquid filling brush here: https://foxstark.com/products/automatic-brush

Do you agree with our list? What other fantastic house cleaning tools would you suggest? Let us know in the comments!