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7 Innovative Products That Will Make Your Day-To-Day Life Easier

Are you looking for innovative products that save time, energy, and money? The ones that make household chores ten times easier, leaving you wondering how you ever coped beforehand? Well, we are. We’ve scoured the world, compiling the most useful products we could find and offering them all to you under the same roof: Fox Stark.

We’ve added more new products in 2019, but here is a list of our all-time favorites. These are products that make life easier in every way. Guaranteed. 

Easy Go&Pack Shopping Bag
7. Eco-Friendly Shopping Bag

Are you tired of one-use shopping bags that are harming the environment? They’re often abandoned, drifting around the street or into nature, clogging the airways of our beautiful planet. With this eco-friendly bag, there’s no need for waste. It’s the only bag you’ll ever need!

You can carry up to 40 lbs of groceries—more than enough for your weekly shopping. The resilient and durable material make this a bag for life. Innovatively designed, it can fold flat for easy storage. The clips on the outside fit to your shopping cart so that you can add items quickly and easily. Not only great for grocery shopping, it’s also useful for trips to the dry cleaners or a day out on the beach. It can carry practically anything!

Save time, money, and the environment with this reusable and thoughtfully designed bag.

Get yours here: https://foxstark.com/collections/gadgetsformen/products/easy-shopping-bag

Foldable Phone Holder

6. Foldable Phone Holder

This versatile phone holder is the perfect solution to trying to watch a video while lying in bed. It works both horizontally and vertically, and can be adjusted up to 270 degrees to find the perfect angle for you. It’s built from high quality material, giving it a sturdy feel, but it also folds away compactly for easy storage or travel.

The silicone anti-skid pads are designed to protect the mobile from slipping, sliding, or wear. It keeps the phone steady and protected. This is a useful gadget for reading, face timing your friends or family, or simply browsing the web. It enables you to relax without having to awkwardly fiddle with your phone, making it one of the best new products of 2019.

Get yours here: https://foxstark.com/collections/gadgetsformen/products/foldable-holder

Anti-skid Sofa Cushion Pad Set

  1. Anti-Skid Sofa Cushion Pad

Isn’t it annoying when your sofa cushions shift around and you have to keep standing up to move them back? Such a small irritation but it’s so easily solved with these anti-skid pads. Simply stick one to the surface in which you want the cushion to stick, and then one to the underside of the cushion. They provide a discreet and reliable way to attach your sofa cushions without damaging the surface. This is one of those amazing products that make you wonder why you hadn’t thought of it yourself: the true sign of all innovative products.

It fits all types of furniture, making it an all-in-one solution. Excellent for welcome mats, pesky rugs that always move around, or simply for cushions on chairs at the dinner table. They’re made from high quality materials, ensuring that the pads last a long time and the strong adhesive doesn’t come unstuck.

Get yours today: https://foxstark.com/collections/toolshomeimprovement/products/cushion-pad

All-in-One Baby Travel Carrier

  1. All-In-One Baby Carrier

This baby carrier is one of the most amazing products of 2019. It allows you to carry your little one safely in up to 11 different positions! It’s doctor recommended to avoid back pain for you while ensuring your baby is supported at the hip level, not leaving them dangling in any of the positions! The bag features a ventilated shoulder belt and a waist belt, too, providing all day comfort.

This truly innovative product has compartments for everything you’ll ever need while carrying your baby. Say goodbye to bending over to search through a separate bag for a bottle or baby wipes. You can even breastfeed while your child remains in the carrier!

Get yours here: https://foxstark.com/products/baby-traveler

Accelerated Pest Killer

  1. Accelerated Pest Killer

This has to be one of the most useful products that we’ve ever encountered. The pest killer works permanently! Just plug it in and it never expires. It repels all unwanted pests and insects, from mosquitoes to spiders, mice to ants, fleas to moths. You’ll never have a pest problem again.

It’s brilliant for use as prevention too, as it’s entirely harmless to larger animals such as your pet cat or dog. It uses an ultrasonic frequency that is undetectable by larger mammals, but makes smaller insects and mice uncomfortable, leading them to avoid your home. The useful gadget has an astonishing reach of up to 120sqm! Check out the reviews of our happy customers for this innovative product.

Get yours here: https://foxstark.com/collections/uniquekitchengadgets/products/pest-killer

Bathroom Anti Slip Safety Rail

  1. Anti-Slip Safety Rail

Are you worried about you or a loved one slipping in the shower? This easy-to-install safety rail never slips and will support your weight as you’re leaving the shower. Its comfortable grip provides a reliable handhold when you need it most. It can be reattached easily, enabling you to take it with you and reattach it wherever you go.

It uses a unique suction technology that enables it to stay stuck to flat and smooth surfaces. It blends seamlessly with almost any interior decor. There’s no drilling or tools required. The installation process is as simple as could be. Follow the steps and precautions when installing your safety rail.

Get yours now: https://foxstark.com/products/bathroom-rail

car towel

  1. Ultra Absorbent Towel

The best of our new products in 2019 is a tough choice, but the Ultra Absorbent Towel just takes the top spot. It can be used as a car cleaning tool, or it can be used around the house: in the kitchen, bathroom, or even on the windows. Its versatility makes it one of the most useful products we’ve ever seen.

Not only is it scratch-free, lint-free, and swirl-free, this towel absorbs 8 times its own weight! It dries twice as fast as normal towels and can even be washed in the washing machine without any trouble. It’s made from high quality microfiber and has banded edges to ensure that it lasts a long time. It’s one of those special products that make life easier.

Get yours here: https://foxstark.com/products/car-towel

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