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10 Must-Have Car Accessories

Ever see a product that makes you wonder what on earth you did without it? We have ten of those ungodly powerhouses for you here. As usual, we’ve scoured the web to compile the best products and put them all under one roof: FoxStark.

Check out the ten best car accessories below!

10. Cozy Car Heated Blanket

Cozy Car Heated Blanket

One of the most useful car accessories you could wish for, the cozy heated blanket does exactly what it says on the tin. It keeps you warm during those long winter drives, or on those icy cold nights. 

It can be used by passengers or the driver and is a great addition to your car. It goes easy on the battery, taking only 12v of power, making it safe for extended use. There’s an LED indicator light to let you know it’s on. 

Now you can snuggle up and keep warm and cozy without having to blast filtered air into the vehicle. You can even use this blanket to not get cold while driving with the roof down on your convertible. 

Check it out here.

9. Multipurpose LED Car Bag

Multi-purpose LED Car Bag

We know that the cool car gadgets are the ones that have high multi-functionality. This leather bag provides the maximum convenience for storing anything from snacks to toys, while taking the minimal amount of space. 

Ergonomically designed, the bag’s LED light turns on automatically when opened, and off again when closed. The microfiber leather is waterproof, meaning that even if there’s a spill, the liquid won’t leak through and mess up your seats or floor. 

Also wear-resistant and tough, the bag is sure to last long into the future. It’s dead easy to install. Simply use the buckle and hang it in the car. It saves space and makes space at the same time. It’s one of the best car accessories.

If you’re interested in the multipurpose leather car bag, then check it out here.

8. Adjustable Car Blindspot Mirror

Adjustable Car Blindspot Mirror

One of the must-have car accessories of 2019, the adjustable mirror was designed specifically to help you see blindspots more clearly. It’s super easy to install--you just stick it to your wing mirror.

It has a magnified view to show you a bigger image. This helps you visualize your surroundings more accurately, especially when overtaking or changing lanes. 

Not just one of the top car accessories, some would argue that these mirrors are essential for driving safety. Their wide angle maximizes the driver’s view and you can be sure that you’ll catch the blindspots as it rotates a full 360 degrees!

For your blindspot mirror, take a look here.

7. Ultra-Absorbent Car Wash Towel

Ultra-Absorbent Car Wash Towel

Somewhat of a favorite at FoxStark, this is no ordinary towel. Absorbing up to 8 times its own weight, drying twice as fast, and being scratch-free, lint-free, and swirl-free are just the norm for this monster towel. 

It’s one of the necessary car accessories when it comes to cleaning. Inside and out, it’ll leave a flawless finish. Its soft, dual sided plush helps it absorb more and the banded edges ensure durability. 

Throw it in the washing machine without a problem. You can even use this towel around the house if you want to. It works just as well in the kitchen or the bathroom. 

You can find it in 8 different colors and 2 sizes. Take a look here if you’re interested in cool car accessories like this.

6. Clipy - Premium Car Phone Holder


Clipy - Premium Car Phone Holder

SatNav is a thing of the past. Everything is on your phone nowadays. That’s why this sturdy phone holder is one of the must-have car accessories. It’s a hands-free tool that’s the most convenient for driving in 2019. There’s no need for your hands to leave the steering wheel so you can stay 100% safe.

It attaches with a single clip, holding your phone right above the dashboard. It doesn’t block the front view and is perfect for checking your GPS or listening to music and/or podcasts. It works both vertically and horizontally and is suitable for the vast majority of phones. Anything under 6.5 inches should be good to go.

The holder can rotate up to 120 degrees and features anti-scratch protection to keep your phone from damage. These cool car gadgets are also made from premium soft, non-slip silicone and are resistant to heat of up to 90°C!

Clip to the dashboard, fasten your phone, adjust the angle and drive. It couldn’t be easier.

Get yours here

5. Car Organizer Storage Bag

Car Organizer Storage Bag

Another excellent storage option, instead of leather, this bag is a convenient and practical mesh. You can use it to store emergency supplies, snacks, or balls for your pet dog. It keeps all items secure and stops them from rolling around.

Made from a sturdy and long-lasting material, it takes up minimal space yet provides plenty of organizing opportunities.

Place it on the back of your seats. Using magic tape, it’s ridiculously easy to install and ideal for use on fluffy surfaces. Removing it is just as easy.

Check it out here.

4. Clip-on Car Trash Can

Clip-on Car Trash Can

How many times have you wondered why you don’t have a trash can in the car? It’s so easy for the car to become a trash heap during long journeys, but with these cool car accessories, it will never happen again.

A small but handy can, it can attach to the doors and prevent rubbish from cluttering your car. It’s super practical, portable, and lightweight. The installation is seamless and the removal is the same. It’s easy to wash and can even be used as extra storage to keep within reach for the drive. 

Check out the car trash can here.

3. Smart Car Armrest Cushion

Smart Car Armrest Cushion

Driving for long distances can be a pain. Sometimes, quite literally. With this fantastic armrest, wrist fatigue is a thing of the past. It provides extra comfort and support for the arm and helps to alleviate fatigue on the road.

Easy to install, it drops over the console without blocking access to the storage area. It protects the console with its sleek design and you can be sure it’ll fit as the size is universal.

You should be comfortable while driving, for everyone’s safety. This is one of the necessary car accessories for making that happen. It’s made from waterproof, dustproof, and wear resistant leather and even comes with a smartphone external pocket. 

If you want one for your tired arm, check it out here.

2. Cute Prints Baby Car Seat Cover


Cute Prints Baby Car Seat Cover

Keep your little one protected from the elements: whether it be sun, wind, light, or germs. These covers are super easy to put on and take off. Made from high-quality cotton, they’re ideal for all seasons.

You can use them in the car, but they’re also great to have up while shopping or walking through the town with your baby. 

The quirky and original designs will attract compliments from all over. Not only that, but they’ll keep your child happy and entertained too.

To view the wide range of designs, check out the cool car gadgets here.

1. Secure Driving Car Dash Recorder 


Secure Driving Car Dash Recorder

The top dog in our list of must-have car accessories, the dash cam recorder is essential for proving your innocence in insurance claims if an accident were to occur. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

The installation is easy and takes only a few moments. There’s no need to worry if you’re a first time user. Anybody can do it. 

It supports night vision and has a wide view to capture more details and reduce blindspots. You can review footage quickly and it begins recording automatically whenever you start the car. It supports an SD card of up to 32gb and the recording is looped and seamless, erasing old footage that isn’t marked as important. It also records sound!

If you want the dash cam recorder to give you peace of mind, then check it out here.

Do you agree with our list of must-have car accessories? Are there any other cool car gadgets that you think we should know about? Tell us in the comments!