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The 7 Best Dog Tools

There’s nothing quite like the look on your furry friend’s face when you give him a new toy. Pet products are constantly evolving to meet modern standards and we’ve brought together 7 of the year’s top dog tools to show you what’s hot at FoxStark. 

Without further ado, here are the 7 best dog products online.

  1. Cooling Dog Mat


Dogs, above all, want to have fun. They run around all day and use lots of energy. When they’re tired—they’re really tired. This Cooling Dog Mat allows them to settle down and relax on a mat that’s both comfortable and refreshing. It’s said to provide extra comfort to those dogs with joint pain.

Due to pressure-activated cooling gel, the mat decreases in temperature so that your dog won’t sweat in the hot summers. It’s the bed your little furry buddy deserves after a hard day’s playtime. Lightweight and portable, you can take it with you on holiday. 

It’s super easy to clean, which is essential for the hot and sticky days. The material is high-quality and breathable as to reduce sweat. The cooling lasts for around 3-4 hours and recharges fully within 15-20 minutes without use. The gel inside isn’t toxic so it’s safe for pets and any mischievous toddlers. 

Coming in 3 sizes, check them out here!

  1. Roller Ball Toy

roller ball toy

Whose dog doesn’t love playing with toys? Your little doggo will be busy and entertained with this interactive toy. Designed to keep the pet’s attention and wake up the senses, this ball rolls with random movements that make it impossible to predict.

This is a great toy to leave them with if you’re out at work for the day. Rather than them weeping and suffering from loneliness, they can chase the ball around without getting bored. This helps to prevent destructive behavior due to anxiety or boredom. 

Arming your pup with skills necessary for growth (agility, strength, decision-making), this is one of the top pet products.

Pink, blue, yellow, and green ball covers are included and all of them are easily machine washable. If you’re interested in the random-rolling dog ball, then you can find it here.

  1. Folding Pet Carrier

Lovely Folding Pet Carrier

This little pet carrier has the potential to be one of the best selling pet products of the year. It’s super easy to attach to your car seats whenever you’re heading out and about with your pup. It doesn’t simply look great, it’s practical too! The bottom is padded and the sides are made of a meshy material that ensures your little doggy stays safe and comfortable. 

This top dog tool puts an end to them running around the backseat and distracting you while you’re driving. Now you’ll both be safe. We recommend to harness your dog and fasten a seatbelt around him/her for maximum security. Not only does it prevent them running amok, but it also stops hair and saliva and other doggy dirt from wrecking your seats.

The zippered storage pockets are great for keeping small pet essentials that you can get ahold of really quickly. The carrier is easy to wash and it folds away for simple storage. 

If you want to find these dog products online, then look no further.

  1. Flexible Molar Bite Toy

Flexible Molar Bite Toy

Another toy bursts onto the top pet products list! This one is aimed at strengthening your dog’s biting ability. It keeps your best bud’s teeth fresh, clean, and strong, while ensuring they’re entertained too. 

Made from environmentally friendly polymer, the quality of the material is unmatched. It’s safe to use and can dramatically help in reducing a dog’s temper, preventing biting or screaming, all while helping them stay active and playful. The durable material makes it a long-lasting toy—it can remain stuck to the wall for 3 months at a time without needing to adjust it!

This one is great for dog training too. It can encourage a natural instinct for hunting, improving pet agility. It’s great for all breeds of dog and has even been known to entertain cats from time to time. 

Choose yours from a variety of 4 colors here

  1. Portable Pet Water Bottle

Portable Pet Water Bottle

Another top dog tool with the potential to be one of the best selling pet products. This water bottle act as both the water carrier and bowl at the same time! There’s no more need to carry around a doggy bowl and a separate bottle of water to fill it with.

It’s easy to dispense the water, making it truly simple to keep your best buddy hydrated throughout the day. You can even operate the entire bottle with just one hand. There is no quicker and more convenient way to give water to your thirsty pal. 

Made from high-quality antibacterial material, it’s entirely safe to use and doesn’t wear easily. FDA approved, you can be sure it’s lead-free and BPA-free. It has a leak-proof lock that features a cutting edge silica gel seal ring. The top is removable and easy to clean and reattach.

The big bottle is enough for any adventure with your best bud. It carries 550ml, while the smaller version carries 350ml. They come in 3 different colors.

If you want a Portable Pet Water Bottle, then check it out here!

  1. Reflective Dog Harness Set

Reflective Dog Harness Set

Keep your doggo safe at night with a lead that reflects the light off cars. It’s not only an excellent harness to use at night, but it’s fantastic all day long. They fit quickly and dogs love them, unlike regular harnesses which can take a while to get on, especially with an unhappy pup. Get it on, walk your dog, and get on with your day. It puts an end to stress when it comes to dog-walking. 

The design helps to minimize pulling and tugging, keeping your pal comfy and happy. The inner section is made of a soft mesh that makes it super comfortable and cooler, helping even more on hot and humid days. 

It’s designed so that you can adjust it to fit your dog perfectly. You can choose from 4 colors and 5 sizes.

Check the handy size chart here to make sure you get the right one.

  1. Santa Dog Costume


Santa FUR® 2nd Generation Dog Costume

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, so dress your dog in something delightful… That’s how the song goes, right? No? Well, it should. 

This holiday season, treat your best buddy to a Santa outfit so that he can join in on all the festive fun. Don’t exclude the good boy from the joy of Christmas. It’ll create some good memories, especially if you get lots of pictures. 

You can be sure that this costume will turn heads on his daily walk. The fabric is high-quality and made from non-toxic materials. The durability means you can get it out year after year without issue. Make your pup feel just as special as you think he is!


This is one of the best selling pet products come Christmas time. It comes in 4 sizes so that all dogs can enjoy the fun. Breathable and comfortable for your dog, don’t worry if he gets it dirty, it’s machine washable too. 

Take a look at the Santa Dog Costumes here!

Do you agree with our list of best dog products? Are there any pet tools we forgot to mention? Let us know in the comments below!